As food and shelter are the most essential elements for man's life, that provide him with the needed security and energy to achieve out put and civilization, all over the globe, "Swanco Oil Services and Catering" saved no effort - throughout more than twenty years to provide and promote ditinguished field services, as regards food supply for those working in this influencing economical field, with the aim of defying the hard equation; increase production while working in extremely difficult circumstances whether in deserts or seas.

Health policy :

- Identify and evaluate health risks realted to its operations that potentially affect its employees and contractors, or the public.
- Implement programs and appropriate protective measures to control such risks , including appropriate monitoring of its potentially affected employees.
- Communicate on a reasonable manner with potentially affected individuals or organizations ans scientific communities to acquire knowledge about health risks gained from its health programs and related studies.
- Determine at the time of employment and there after , as appropriate, the medical fitness of employees to do thier work without undue risk to themselves or others.
- Provide or arrange for medical services necessary for the treatment of employee occupational illnesses or injuries and for the handling of medical emergencies .
- Comply with all applicable laws and regulations and apply responsibility standards where laws and regulations do not exist.
- Work with government agencies and others to develop responsible laws, regulations, and standards based on scientific risk assessment.
- Support research to extend knowledge about the health effects of its operations.
- Undertake appropriate reviews and evaluations of its operations to measure progress and to ensure compliance with this healthy policy.
In furtherance of this policy, we believe it is good practice to provide positive preventive health programs designed to enhance employees well being, fitness for work, productivity, and personal safety . these programs may include periodic health evaluations, immunizations, and health risk assessment.

QHSE Department:

Swanco is one of first companies that are distinguished by the presence of QHSE Department.
Establishing the department:

in Accordance with the development in the company QHSE department was established in order to meet our clinets expectations and to exceeded depending on strong scientific basis.
meeting our modern challenges the department was supllied by all training facilities like meeting roomwhich is supplied projectors , whiteboard to make our training room equiped with the hygiene standard and meet HACCP system requirements.

Department Organization

QHSE Team was selected based on the princible of one team spirit . the team consist of young - but energetic employees who have the practical experience in the same field . the ambitious youth will play a very important role in improving both the performance and the productivity . QHSE department consists of specialized employess in the field of nutrition , veterinary doctors and others who worked in the field of tourism and hotels to form an integrated scientific team .

The Goals of the department

- Training our stuff in our sites with thier different positions .
- Following food hygiene system A3006 .
- Adequate HACCP system standards .
- Gurantee work continuity , winning more contracts , increasing profits and improving quality .
- Caring about the client's senses .
- raising food quality standrads .
- Maintaining team's health by following the continuous cleaning and sanitizing procedures .
- Avoiding any legal problems with the authorities .
- Cleanliness the law .
- Company implementation of hygiene and food safety attracts client's attention .
- Employess feel proud of working in a company that implement hygiene and food safety standards .
- Reducing food waste and increasing food validity by following healthy procedures.
- Regular visits to company sites to detect negative points and take immediate actions.
- Providing our employees with the practical training ( on the job training ).
All these goals are priority for the department to avoid damages resulting from any food poisoning cases.