Company Overview

As food and shelter are the most essential elements for man's life, that provide him with the needed security and energy to achieve out put and civilization, all over the globe, "Swanco Oil Services and Catering" saved no effort - throughout more than twenty years to provide and promote ditinguished field services, as regards food supply for those working in this influencing economical field, with the aim of defying the hard equation; increase production while working in extremely difficult circumstances whether in deserts or seas.

Swanco's philosophy is to explore new technologies and apply the latest systematic methodology to achieve progress in this field.

Winning our clients confidence (in about twenty sites belonging to gas, oil and petrochemical companies in addition to drilling and oil-services companies ) is due to Swanco's management depending on an efficient experienced organization structure, an effective administration system for Hygiene , Safety and Environment and qualified staff members ( about 1000 persons ) who are provided by advanced technical training courses.

In addition to the catering services and manpower supply Swanco provide industrial and logistics services to a variety of companies especially in the oil field activities.

We provide business complexes with administration offices, maintenance workshops, warehouse, storage yards etc... To many companies including (Schumberger, Global santa fe, transocean, Halliburton...) And many others where top lever safety and security measure apply.

A variety of top condition heavy equipment is provided to industrial companies and contractors on retail bases .i.e. Cranes, trucks, forklifts, etc....

We achieve the precedence of establishing a common or adjacent compound which saves time and effort away from the city's crowd and facilitates the related companies technical development concessions.

Swanco Also established new compounds in the exploration and production areas, at Suez, Gulf, Al Sokhna area and Western desert area as branches for the oil companies.

And as a confidence of our clients, we are promoting comprehensive studies to extend our services to cover the arab-countries specially the Gulf ones.